Customized Build to Regulation Specs

At Speed Sport we have an in-house team for all Motorsport requirements. Cars built by us, have time and again proved there superiority against the completion over the years in Rally Raids, Auto-crosses, and Sprint events.

> Chassis Preparation
> Roll Cage
> Engine
> Gearbox & Drive-train
> Suspension Solutions
> Cooling Systems
> Engine Electronics
> Scrutiny Ready

Street Performance

Enhance / Optimize Stock Cars

Car manufactures design and sell cars with a broad spectrum of end users in mind. This is where Speed Sport comes in and Enhance / Optimize Stock cars

> Exhaust Systems
> Air Intake Systems
> E.C.U Remapping
> Diesel Tuning Boxes
> Suspension Systems from Coil-over to Springs & Dampers
> Custom Engine Solutions from High Revving Naturally Aspirated engines to Turbocharging / Supercharging Solutions
> Varied Range of Gear Ratio Solutions
> Brake Solutions (Performance Pads to End-to-End)

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Project Cars

Bespoke Cars that Drive as well as they Look!

Ever fancy owning a particular brand or model of car which Drives as well as it Looks. We have, over the years provided bespoke solutions to our patrons. drop us a mail on what you have in mind and we'd be most happy to provide you with and end to end solution.

Scheduled Service and Fleet Maintenance

Fix and Maintain your Daily Driver

We are happy to look into & maintain your daily driver be it the regular passenger car, or premium segment vehicle We have:

> Up to date Diagnostic Systems to Cater to Multi-Brand Solutions
> Standardized Parts Sourcing & Procurement Channel Partners
> Body and Paint Shop

Performance Driving School

Power is all about control.. Hone your Driving Skills here!

Get a grip on the basics of Performance Driving. Hone specific driving techniques one on one to ensure driver achieves the fastest and safest course times.

Efficient lines, effective braking and optimum cornering speeds are part of the core skill set which will help driver development. More importantly mechanical sympathy towards the machines while getting the maximum performance out of your rally,track day or autocross car.